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We specialise in high specification HMO (House of multiple occupancy) style properties and are leaders in our knowledge of the industry, development of the properties and management of the tenants.  Our properties are suited to a wide range of tenant types.

We keep the process of finding that perfect property simple and professional for our tenants. 

Through experience, we understand the difficulties in finding great quality shared accommodation at affordable rates and what sometimes seems like a good deal, can turn into a difficult tenancy if you don’t get the service levels you desire from the letting agent.

Whats Different about EndeavourLet:

  • We are the Property Developer – we spend more on specification and ensuring the property is robust, safe and free from potential issues during your tenancy by investing more at the start.
  • We remain the Landlord – meaning we care as much about the house as you, the tenant.  Property compliance, maintenance and general upkeep of the property are massively important to us.  This enables you to get the level of service you want from an agent, who is actually concerned about you and the property.
  • Our staff are trained in Hospitality – You are our client and we will treat you like one.  You get that extra little something you maybe didn’t ask for or expect.